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Praca w huee™.
Czy na pewno jest dla mnie?

by Piotr Dominik

Sometimes the collection of a few rules may depict the whole picture of the company. You know then if you fit there, if you would like to apply for job there, send brief or maybe this is not really a place for you. If you look broader on this topic, you will understand that most conflicts are generated because of emotional mismatch between one person and another. Somewhere in the background there is values system within us. So learn more about huee™ before you send CV or brief to us.

1. Digital
Everyone says they know digital, but then it comes out that knowledge is defined differently by various sides. One thing is to know YT and the other is to run campaigns there. One thing is to know social media, another is not to have problems with preparation of every ad form for those, no matter which channel is used. Frontend, backend, UX, e-commerce systems, functioning of pay wall, a bit of fin-tech and a bit of automation. No one expects PhD from you but market knowledge is not enough if you want to feel good in huee™. And this is absolute minimum, because then you will go further from that point onwards. And you will do things differently that you have done so far, break the schemes. And we do not have time to explain the basics.

2. Variety
We have no issue with that. It does not matter for us what is your sexual orientation, how many piercings you have, if you have tattoos or not. If you terribly hate something, if you murmur, if you are always totally enthusiastic. But you must respect others. Lack of respect for other people completely crosses you out of cooperation. Whether you choose anarchism over consumption is your personal choice. The respect towards others includes us and clients, so the acceptance of variety is a basis.

3. Music
This is not one of these companies where you can hear CDs with jazz compilation from a shop. If radio – then Kampus. If Jazz – then Ninja Tune, if electro – then more off than mainstream, lack of disco, lack of well-known radios, lack of romantic rock and everything close to it. Lack of romanticism, lack of diminutives, lack of sweetness, lack of wistfulness.

4. Culture
Everyone has his own way to participate in it, but without reading and knowing what’s going on in the city, what’s happening in music, directing, video clips, in books, it will be difficult for you. You see, everything we usually do is a clash with culture on some level. Without this knowledge you will never understand what is an icon, what is symbolic representation, what is a culture sign which you can assign to a particular group. If you are not a participant of culture in your own authors’ way – you will have a problem working with us.

5. Authorities
They are great when you are 12 years old. There are many people in this world who are wise, they write and they create wise pieces. It is great to get inspired by that, question that, think about it. However if you can blindly fix your eyes on someone, if you have some masters of the category who can conceal the full picture – it will be difficult for you. Most of our job is about altering schemes of communication therefore we worship more or less nothing like ornaments. We approach everything with great amount of questions, verifying, doing background scanning and checking the assumptions. There has never been and there will never be any presentation in this company which refers to words of any Polish speakers, their research, conclusions, quotations. We are 10 years behind Europe because of them. So thanks but no for patterns.

6. Ego
Get rid of that. If you start cooperation with us, we trust that we can learn something from you and you make us stronger in some category. But if you think that because of your experiences you will enforce the image of yourself riding on a horse next to the sea on a sunset and looking into your image beautifully reflected on the water – then thanks but no. We all have strong personalities in this or another way, but we do not have troubles with our egos. We have however met a lot of self-appointed advisors, consultants, strategists which own image concealed the whole observation. So if you feel that you are the best – great. But you can be the star elsewhere. Not here.

7. Education
Great if you completed studies at Sorbonne. But if you have not – that’s ok. Who cares? We all know that there is a group that likes to put MBA next to their name, but we also know people without secondary school final examinations taken who are better from them 100 times. So relax, it’s of no importance.

8. Ethics
Gossiping, libeling, actions against people from the team, backbiting, doing something out of spite, creating conflict situations, getting offended – no way. Look for something else if you live for constant judgments of others and problems that are not yours. If you even think about treating the client unfairly – you will be fired too. Each behaviour that is toxic for the company or the people working for it will result in immediate termination of the cooperation.

9. Esthetics
If you do not recognize good and bad typo, if you do not see if the composition is good or wrong, if you do not see that the content is of low quality, badly-written, illegible or something is simply ugly or gaudy – you will be tired working with us. Everything is related to the visual communication, usage of the composition and colour. If you do not see that, then there is no position in our company that you can manage to keep.

10. Multi-skilling
You can’t be good in one thing. You need to be good in a couple of them. Everyone who works in huee™ manages various tasks. You will quickly lose the comfort feeling because you will be doing things that have not been done before.

11. The knowledge from one category
The only thing you need to know is that our market is all about repeatedly said nonsense, about 95% is nonsense, about 5% are wise things and it is worth to hear it, talk about it, call, cooperate. So if you have not started yet, you will need to re-build the knowledge from the scratch. Because, you see, it is possible to do things differently. It is seriously possible.

12. Unfulfillment
You have not yet done your best project, whatever that is. You will never complete such a project as whatever we do together, you will only closer to that. But it will never happen. If it happens, you are done.

13. Atmosphere
Do you like to do piecework, from-to, have everything arranged perfect, arranged from a to z? You will be then tired with us. We work with schedules, but no one is tense. If you want to go for a walk – go for a walk. If you want to go out earlier – go out earlier. If you want to come later – come later. Do whatever you want. You can even make a drink or smoke a ciggie at work. Fine. We do not supervise you as you know yourself what needs to be done. You need to feel good. And the work needs to be done in a great way.

14. Why do we work?
To leave a footprint that someone will find someday and this will change his life. The measure of yourself is your influence on others, those that you do not know, using what are you have on your plate – infinite broadcast through digital channels. What will you do?

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