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Tailor-made trips

Yes, it has been a really enjoyable challenge to work on visual identification for – one of the Polish start-ups. provides services which envision encouraging people to create their own trips.

We were responsible for creating the whole path through the service while working on solutions for the users. Path which clarifies what it’s all about, what kind of service it is, what it gives you and finally what options there are when creating your own trip. Simply speaking: what you can expect from We paid much attention to the content when designing the information architecture, as this is not only about educating the user, but also affecting service back linking (which effects higher positioning).

We found another challenge during our work – developing a system which would give the users possibility to rate and recommend to others the best road trip. By using different kind of rates’ classification for each group of the clients, we developed an easy system to find whatever is needed – for all various types of trip lovers. As we all know, something else would be interesting for mountain lovers or for family spending weekend together, or for a couple who just wants to have fun. Traffic diversity and needs have been taken into consideration in the design.

We run full creative process: starting with creating the company’s name, through its logo, ending with graphic projects outline. What we had in our mind at all times was the importance of user experience so that users could experience a comprehensive trip through the beautiful Polish routes.

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