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Don’t blame the messenger.
Blame the game.

Is there anyone who has not heard of Edward Snowden? As the first person in history, he has showed us the scope and amount of data collected and processed by US agencies.

We had prepared materials for the Greens / EFA that were used on the day of voting in the European Parliament on the possibility of granting Snowden asylum in Europe.

The creative concept was based on historical figures of informants who always bore the responsibility for the data which they published – which could change the image of today's world.

We have prepared materials to be used on election day on a dedicated website where we tried to focus the audience's attention on the fact of bad game itself. The messenger could not be blamed for the information brought, even if they were collected illegally.

The site contained a lot of materials that were meant to be used in social networks, graphic generators, gifs, etc, and the whole story related to Edward Snowden.

We tried to open the eyes of people to the fact of data gathering and what it is that is collected rather than focusing on an attempt to punish an informant for the fact of their publication.

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