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Modern journalism is divided into two main distribution models – a paper copy and online version. Each editorial team sooner or later faces the issue of content access and selling the electronic edition.

Together with Newsweek we provide sales automation schemes. Our purpose is mainly to increase the volume of sales, but also the creation of scenarios, which have a goal of users’ loyalty increase. To put it bluntly, the process of sales automation of e-editions is based not only on scenarios how to display banners but also on the entire path of teasing the content, create customised solutions, help the user, connect all of it with e-mailing activities.

Additionally, through a joint analysis of behaviour, paths, outputs, inputs, time spent on individual texts develop solutions based on user behaviour on the site. We use all technological possibilities that result from the system to manage users: from the detection of equipment used for reading to the outside temperature or time of the day.

Cooperation with NEWSWEEK is an agile model to large extend. Through the joint observation, analysis of performed activities, we are looking for solutions for better conversions for sale than most standard solutions, which are always available at your fingertips. The user behaviour is constantly changing and contemporary sales models must reflect new insights, new behaviours and new ways of content usage. And that’s what we do.

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