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13 commercials you should see before you will say - I know how to reach generation Y.

by Piotr Dominik

Milenials / Y. Every single agency will tell you that making campaign for them is a peace of cake. They will choose ambassador lists, will use them and at the end you are gone. They will not write that scenario, they will use wrong insights, they will miss what is truly important, they will tell you that you have to do sharing action, make gifs and that’s it. Usually it’s not about that. Almost all agencies say that they know how to do it but in fact they don’t. Well anyway.

Below are few picks from clients and agencies which did a good job. Story, shooting, selected music and insights. All what is great here you will notice by yourself.


Benetton: Unemployee of the year

Nike - unlimited you

Converse - The Chuck Taylor All Star Converse Made by you

Commercial - Diesel

Adidas - Oryginal is never finished

Budweiser - Not Backing down

Reebok - Hands

Kenzo World

Benetton: Unhate

CMRA (sandwich video)

Jambox - Jawbone (sandwich video)

Diesel - Make love not walls

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