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Let’s get some energy

If you’re planning to transform digital activities into retail ones and if you want to use API software for this purpose, take a look at the implementation that we prepared for Knoppers.

We all need an additional energy kick every morning. In the perfect scenario (to combine pleasure with something beneficial), being active outdoors is the best way to prepare your body (and soul!) for facing the daily challenges.

That’s why in order to encourage purchase of our customer’s product and to promote behaviours that are positively depicted, we attached a single-use code to every bar purchased in a vending machine.

The code could have been redeemed in exchange for renting a city bike in Tricity. We prepared integrated payments, codes for bikes and vending machines to create the initial action. Everybody who bought Knoppers from selected vending machines in Trinity got a free one hour ride on city bike. Thanks to the locations of the vending machines – the possibility was always around. Our predictions turned out to be very successful. Within just two weeks, a few thousand people took a part in this promotion.

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