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Open yourself to open funds

How to choose the best mutual fund? How should we communicate funds? Should they be positioned as close to people or communicated as specialised? Maybe the communication should be focused on having accessible materials or maybe on expertise itself?

We had to answer all these questions during months of cooperation with the Investment Fund IFM. We prepared the whole communication aimed at effective sales in digital channel together with the customer.

We carried out a comprehensive communication process starting from focus research, competitor analysis, redesign of visual and verbal communication, ending with preparation of new content, campaigns, cooperation with the media house and many other elements that together determine the perception of the fund.

We worked on short-term and long-term solutions putting recipient at the centre of our attention. This is one of those projects, when consulting, search for insights, graphic works, copywriting, strategic and creative works are happening at the same time and each completed phase in a matrix of communication brings new value to the next part.

We could not have done if it had not been for excellent cooperation with the customer. Offering a truly Western standards in their investment products, the customer ensures also the highest level of cooperation with the joint planning sales activities in the network and building the image.

This is an elementary example that proves to us that the best brands are built with a sense of desire to change, to be better, to do better, based on the best global benchmarks, but it all stems from the perception of the owners.

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