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Sustainable bread baking

Christoph Chorherr is one of the most recognisable politicians of Green Party in Austria. Helmut Gragger is, however, one of the most prominent bakers in Vienna. Add one plus one and you got Gragger & Chorherr project.

Together they decided to create a project which employs only immigrants as bakers, and all income from the sales of bread would be spent on projects focused on helping immigrants in assimilation and finding a job.

The project consists of three implementation phases, and the entire project will be placed on Kickstarter. Everyone who helps, in the final stage of the project, can pick up the bread for their contribution.

huee™ helped to prepare all graphic elements, UXs, functional layouts and final graphic designs. Our task was the preparation of such graphics solutions which would communicate the objectives of the project in a clear and simple way. The entire thing was coded in HTML5.

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