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Desperados is the brand that always promises the best fun. We were asked to translate the same promise into a series of interactive mini-sites.

We focused on brand experience: each of multiple pages prepared as part of the Desperados promotion was fully interactive, changeable and multistage.

Using online sites gave a lot of emotions to users thanks to our code and design made by the Virtue which was absolutely consistent with the spirit of the brand. Working for Desperados, we had to meet the requirements of service availability, scalability, compatibility for an enlarged number of devices.

That is why we decided for separate mobile versions in addition to usage of RWD. Many of the projects from the very beginning were prepared in a way to be able to change with the action development, so we added on additional functionality that can be turned on in CMS.

Each and every time, the projects for Desperados made use of the whole range of possibilities of HTML5.

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