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Innovation as the story

DC LOG is one of the most innovative companies in Europe in IT in the SCM sector.

Unlike the competition, apart from box-solutions, the company has also a methodology for the implementation of solutions for complex orders, even those that would not be taken by anyone else on the market, often seemingly impossible to solve.

By creating solutions based on their unusual use of mathematics and physics in conjunction with the latest hardware innovations and its own software multiple times without precedent they increased production efficiency for the leading brands in Poland. From the solutions which led to significant reduction of complaints for a large e-commerce player, to customised solutions for counting, tagging or identifying elements on the production halls. All of this with a purpose to make defect-free goods prepared for shipping as soon as possible.

Together with Alexandra Więcka we prepared communication which allows sharper, more meaningful messages for potential customers in terms of innovation if used in a relevant way. The entire process was completed with a series of workshops and interviews with clients to finally produce relevant language of communication. The goal was extremely difficult, because innovation, even in terms of technology, lost its significance, also as a word in general due to its excessive popularisation. Additionally, the language technology uses is not that attractive for all customers.

The brand message must be moving and encouraging to make further contact, deepen information and sell in the first sentences what is the main activity of the company. Which we have achieved in a perfect way.

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