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Brotailers in attack.

by Piotr Dominik

It’s 2011, San Francisco. Four friends from studies had gone for an excursion. Apart from all necessary things and clothes typical for summer trips, they had taken a couple of pairs of handmade shorts. Couple of years later even George Bush bought those, among thousands of other clients. How had they managed to achieve this effect? Language, communication, insight and group. “Break in Case of Friday” movie from the oficial channel on YouTube of Chubbies company

We have been speaking about millennials as much as about QR codes during sector conferences. What connects perfectly these two ideas is a common denominator: nothing happening out of this approach, everyone was wrong and – as a concequence – removing their presentations from slideshare. According to the research, most of those millennials do not identify themselves with the group they have been assigned to1. No surprise then that the marketing sector, which has been preparing for some years to welcome the new and unknown, has done analyses and has tried to meet the expectations, is now is in slight panic. The reason of this mistake is mostly related to the attempt to describe and close the whole generation with universal system of labels which could explain everything that is not understand.


The whole topic of the Y generation in Polish marketing has been represented more or less in the same way as Georgian minority in Polish parliament [there is none as there isn’t any officially recognized Georgian minority in Poland – translator’s note] and to be able to explain the hundreds of mistakes in communication towards this group in Poland we would need to start publications now and continue for the next 5 years. Fortunately, despite the assumptions, there is also the world outside of Poland – and although we might not like it, the communication out there is built on more specific assumptions. Basic bros, as a group, is a game-changer in American version. If you look again at the investments spent by the biggest funds of the world into technological enterprises, you will find some of the common denominators like metaphor, language, cultural reflection which can make someone listen to us. The fact that the communication is mutual has been mentioned already in 5000 boring conferences in Poland, however recognition of the target groups and analysis what their world comprises of is a bit above possibilities of approximately 99.9% agencies working for their clients’ interest.

In case of Chubbies Shorts, the owners have noticed that after getting married everything gets different. This is the end of parties, games, grills, drinking, parties till the morning, doing crazy things and – above all – the end of wearing what you want. Additionally, not a new thing, mates lose their value. What is more is that mates and brotherhood often goes beyond university frame and is present for couple of years. First job, first multinational, first permanent post. This is when the freedom of wearing what you want ends. Fortunately, whatever job that might be, at the end of the week there is always weekend. Perfectly ironed shirts and suits end on the bottom of the wardrobe and the tie ends on the backrest. Men exchange that for light shirts and comfortable shorts to feel good again with their mates. Then they really feel themselves. According to the research, most of men (up to 94%) has their individual style. What is also important, more than half of them points to casual clothes as their choice2. Those are the ones that change the perspective of contemporary retail. Welcome to the era of brotailers.

Say hello to a basic bro

Chubbies3 – the brand born from recognition of this new group of clients –is company similar to others only on the surface. Taking a closer look at its promotional strategy it’s important to be aware of the element which is rarely spoken about in daily life – and that is the language of communication. From the beginning, the brand has communicated with their clients in a characteristic way. They have won their hearts and their loyalty through funny announcements,. Let’s have a look at some of the descriptions appearing on Chubbies website:

Basic bros is a group comprising of young men in the last moment in life before they settle down. You cannot speak to them with the language of product, you cannot show them the photos and expect this would be enough to convince them to buy it, you cannot allow yourself not to know their habits, movies they watch, music they listen. You can say at first glance that founders of Chubbies closely looked at this topic and they have done their homework well.

Show your pants.

Looking closer at fashion brands that have debuted in the last two years, there is only one conclusion: the way of talking about the product here [in Poland – translator’s note] and the way of talking about the product abroad are two different things. Contemporary communication should be based on knowledge of, among others, cultural code, language spoken by the target group, values they declare and – what is equally important – it has to create some need in the recipient to identify with proposed product.


Therefore, no surprise that Americans have fallen in love with Chubbies: for understanding, for simplicity of the communication, for references, for comparisons, for quality of the material used in the production process. The brand, which is able to use seemingly insignificant insights, gives its potential clients a lot of reasons to be loyal and, by winking at them, must be successful.

“Pants problem” movie posted on official YouTube channel of Chubbies company

Michael Kors, basic bitches and content marketing

The activities of Chubbies company are a perfect example of the fact that the combination of fashion and e-commerce cannot be treated in a superficial way. Your newly-assigned leads, freshly-engaged freelancers, golden words of content marketing supporters taken straight from the conferences will not help you in creation of definition of the brand and preparation of the communication for contemporary consumer as they simply do not know who this consumer is.

The culture is everything. Someone needs to say it straight – man, you cannot subcontract being a nice brand. You must become one. Get out of the conferences tell you the pointless stories how to rewrite leads and think how your brand is positioned in a cultural dimension.

And this is not only about comfortable shorts for men. As editors of the Fashionista website have noticed, the basic bitches quite strongly influenced the world of fashion. Having understood that fact, Michael Kors has been able to translate the trend into 40% growth of revenue5.

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