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The birth of huee™.
A matter of two speeds.

by Piotr Dominik

huee™ was established in the middle of 2016. Together with Western investors, we noticed a detectable need for marketing actions that would use digital as the main channel and, at the same time, would cover bigger needs of the clients than just standardised services available on our advertising market. We felt there are two speeds for some time – a fixed, mainstream one, visible on the market, visible in the media, portals, news – relying on regular and just mass clients’ services and provided by big and medium agencies and the second – creating solutions that could provide specific aims in a completely different way than market’s offering. That kind of service which you cannot not find in media plans and in the offers from most of the agencies.

Whilst most of the agencies try to regulate their range of scopes and activities in the modern marketing just to straight services, we have taken the assumptions that it’s impossible to set down the end of the road for an offer if you want to do things which will really change brand’s perception. It’s the effect of changes that have taken place in digital area. Digital, which we know, consists of services which fulfill individual tasks in small area. Some agencies are specialised in analytics, some in coding and others in multimedia production. Modern digital looks different now. It’s the sum of activities, interpenetrating sets, observations moved on/translated to solutions.

Things that are vitally important for modern brands communication are also less noticeable for competitors from our segment. These are namely trend, insight and wide view. But what is really important is that close observation goes together with brand actions. Social media is no place for a campaign’s implementations, LP is not the end of it, video is not and won’t be a main element of a campaign. Interpenetrating of communication layers which are relayed on insights are crucial. Solutions are picked at will and agencies which are only a tool in clients’ hands – in our opinion don’t act much more than as a tool of settlement segmentation and services organising.

That’s why we created the hub, the open place. We do not have any other offer than a basic service – digital brand experience. We aim to use all communication elements which are part of a client’s project, taken to a higher level, which will become most important on the detail level. Consequently, it will matter for the brand’s perception. Brand’s communication always resounds as the sum of great details. Our services’ offer doesn’t meet expectations of most of the clients who can infallible place themselves on the market. huee™ is for those who allow the thought that number of influences in modern marketing is infinite and it is possible to succeed with communication on extraordinary level.

As hub we have adapted some kind of an agile approach when developing solutions – letting learning process in at all times. Even though our basic competences – technology, advice, strategy – remain on high level, we can not foresee the point where we find ourselves with a client during implementation of communication project which hits target group expectations in 100%.

To sum up, when establishing huee™, we have created a place when we work for brands which still haven’t found satisfaction from brand experience actions. Lots of our time we spend on non-standard business analysis, looking for insights which are then deepened. Furthermore, we reach for solutions that might have even never been implemented, connecting most recent technologies with consumers’ behaviours and great brand communication.

The outcome of brand experience is that the choice of your product is resistant to trends, campaigns, marketing expenses. Certainly, it doesn’t mean you don’t need them as your basic activities. But emotions, excitement about contact with the brand which doesn’t leave the client indifferent, will make the brand always win with any other solution, even if that one will be better, bigger and more technologically advanced or there will be higher promotional budget.

We work for those who understand the most important thing:
People love great things, especially when the brand behind those makes their perspective wider in the experience and does not reduce them to their habits.
Who doesn’t wish to be great? Who doesn’t want to feel that way?

Simply as that, you have huee™.

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