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Bold, heavy brand

We help brands to not look back anymore.

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Why companies
choose huee™?

Najczęściej pracujemy dla właścicieli marek, zarządów lub dyrektorów. Zapewniamy markom shift komunikacyjny, którego szukają.

Wybierają nas firmy, które oczekują, że agencja zapewni im lepsze dotarcie do ich nowych klientów, pomoże w rozszerzeniu usług lub stworzeniu komunikacji, która będzie game changerem w kategorii. Często też pomagamy firmom w zmianach wizerunkowych, zwłaszcza jeśli są gotowe na wzmocnienie swojej pozycji.

Odwołujemy się do benchmarków zachodnich, stawiamy na bezkompromisowe działania, które dla innych stają się wzorem do naśladowania. Co ważne, jesteśmy partnerem przez całość procesu, zapewniamy consulting i wsparcie sięgające daleko poza standard obecny na polskim rynku.

Czytaj dalej


What we
believe in?

In brand impact.

We believe that emotions start at the time when You say the brand's name aloud.

Jimi Hendrix

True brand sounds like Marshall Amplifier in 69' when Hendrix forever changed the sound of electric guitar.

...goes together smoothly like "I want my MTV" claim written by George Louis...


...and looks like the pair of Airmax sent to George Bush in 90's.

Brand means an impact.
No minimal.
No ponies,
no sweet rhymes.
Heavy. Bold.
Without lies.
Not for everyone.


We know that it's not easy to get there. And for sure this path does not cross through any schemes. We can hire the best Art Director for You from any place in the world, record voice over in London or order skatches directly from Milano while texts would come from New York. There are no borders.


Of course we can do all of that by ourselves. But it's not crucial. The most important is where are we going together. Our goal is simple - be original, consistent, provocative, set new standards.


And we know how hard it is to understand digital communication at its best. It's a long way. But each day we are one step closer. That's fair enough.


We are here to create efficient communication by using contemporary tools and advanced technology.

Thanks to the most authentic truth, multilevel creativity, and sense of humour we surprise, inspire and satisfy the most demanding clients.

We believe that business is not only about numbers. For us it’s a creative fulfilment and lifetime adventure. We make it work without compromise.

We focus even on little details and we bring back the meaning of big ideas to marketing and advertising.

We perform outside the mainstream. We avoid cliché solutions. Day by day we try to inspire and satisfy our clients, and to surprise the target audience. We want to be different and successful thanks to our original approach.

Check out our vision

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huee™ wants to change marketing to a hueeman-friendly marketing, and proves that with the right people, with their talents and skills the future of communication doesn’t have to be boring, irrelevant and ugly.


Hueemen intend to create an elite around the huee™ brand values that assure authenticity and quality for marketing and communication of tomorrow.


Hueemen want to stay different and successful thanks to their original approach to marketing and business.

Ready for a change?

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PSD Roch Ursae Adams

Team experience

Our team gathered its experience while working for such clients.

  • IFM Global Funds
  • Hr Contact
  • Quick Coders Academy
  • Dr Irena Eris
  • Futourist
  • Amway
  • Reinessance Hotels
  • SodaPop
  • Best Western Hotels
  • PlayBrush
  • Deco Culture
  • Urban Tool
  • Spotify
  • Mercedes Benz
  • TUI
  • Knoppers
  • Heineken
  • Lexus
  • Dolce Gusto
Our awards

Get to know
huee team

Passionate about what we do. With the right set of skills. Funny. Loyal. Stylish. Open-minded. Ambitious. And maybe a little bit crazy. That’s who we are.

The main thing is that we are here to introduce new standards, which will change the picture of marketing. Get to know us a little bit better.


We touch

Making brands cool again takes full range of tools, channels and skills. Especially when you do that mostly over the digital channels.

The most basic and essential thing is that we work around brands. With proper strategy, insights, research, analysis. This is the bottom line. All over only results. We're proud to say that usually they're awesome results. Who wants average, right? Yep, buddy, no one. At least we don't.

The way of providing services


Digital production

Anything that can be either clicked or touched.

We produce apps, banners, LPs, websites. We provide deep API integrations, use top frameworks and the best CMS systems. We are very familiar with common emailing systems and all Google tools. We easily use the newest technologies to deliver a great experience. We help other network agencies to serve white label solutions in production or concept development.

From us you can expect much more fun than from our competition. We do not use simple and cheap resources. We touch in places that anyone else cannot reach.

We touch harder.


Brand communication at full range

We develop brand’s greatness at every level – if brand is ready for that.

We lead in cooperation with our partners through management proportion to changes and brand’s new activities. In developing brand’s activities which will make your customers love you, we rely on research, insights, strategy, analysis of structure, sources of income and competition. A simple paper with the right text can change everything.

We focus on values which are important to your clients. We make them readable and easy to notice in connection to the brand. And even though these solutions might seem simple at first glance, they’re based on detailed research, complex gathering of information and thorough interviews.


Brand consulting

Sometimes brand’s positioning needs to be changed to better fit the expectations of the customer. And it’s not an easy process.

From experience, we know that it can mean anything from changing the language of your communication, logo or anything that is connected to social media. It is understandable that while doing so, you will need someone to support you and who knows the needs of your client. Because you know what they say: "It's not about how you see your brand, but it’s about how your clients see it." To change people’s perspective you need someone who will find out - by all means possible - what is it that your clients really want.




Optimization of products and services


Startup's communication

There are two kinds of startups on the market. Ones which try to convince their clients that they are great and the other ones: those who are in fact great. We are working with this second group.

With help from the top marketing specialists, we will develop your mission and vision. We can easily set up a communication strategy, which in effect will make you rise in the international market. We will help you with your PR strategy, workshops, and we will change your company, so it will evolve into a real brand. To sum it up: we will make people love the brand that you are trying to create.


Digital sales support

We help to generate sales. By word, by actions, by language, by emotions. Over digital channels, with proper use of all Google tools, with deep integrations of all marketing tools, but all while respecting the most basic things. And they can be summed up in one sentence: you cannot sell watches, shoes and insurance in the same way.

In our understanding, sales support is based on developing an experience which meets the desires of your client. And if you are trying to make it in digital, know that we are familiar with what really matters.


huee™ diary

Leave us your e-mail and we will contact you regarding the publication.

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